First Lady Film is a Copenhagen based film production company, founded in 2012 by producer Nynne Selin Eidnes. Common to the films of First Lady Film is the presence of a fantastic element. This can be either in the story, the visuals or in the theme of the film. First Lady Film strives to make films that explore the gap between reality and fiction and that has the urge to investigate and understand human emotions and relations. Always for a children and youth audience.


Nynne Selin Eidnes comes from a long background of filmmaking. She entered the Danish film Industry in 1995, where she started in PR. She then moved on to working as an AD, and worked on commercials, features and tv-series. She has worked in all fields of production, as an editor, post producer and technical director before moving on to line producing and producing.
She is one of the founders of the independent film school in Denmark: Super16.
In 2012 she started FIRST LADY FILM, a Copenhagen based Production Company that focuses on fantastic films for a young audience. She is a member of EDN and an EAVE 2011 graduate.
In 2010, Super16 received an honorary Bodil for its contribution to the Danish film industry.

Nynne is currently Producing films and Tv-series at Nimbus Film


Erna At War (Feature film) Dir: Henrik Ruben Genz – sept. 2020

Producer DR

Theo & The Magic Talisman (24 episodes) Dir: Peter Gornstein -2018

Ditte & Louise season 2 (8 episodes) Dir: Niclas Bendixen -2016

Overcooked (5 episodes) Dir: Peter Gornstein -2015


Dreambuilders (animated feature) Dir: Kim Hagen Jensen – feb 2020

Spectator Records (documentary) Dir: Markus Eg Schwarz-Nielsen – 2018

Nine Rocks (documentary) Dir: Tor Kolding – 2015

Nordic Factory – 4 films for Director’s Fortnight – 2014

Growing Pains (animated short) Dir. Tor Fruergaard – 2014

Me, Myself & Martin Laursen (doc) Dir: Anthony Tullberg –  2012

The Island of Lucifer (doc /co-producer) Dir: Jonas T Bech – 2012

Producer NICE NINJA:

The Shadow Animal (animated short) Dir: Dorte Bengtson  – 2013

Marco Macaco (CG animated feature /app) Dir: Jan Rahbek –  2012

Will Bot, Friend or Foe (animated short) Dir: Kim Hagen – 2011


Mighty Machines (Tv series,/dvd/app) Dir: Henrik Selin Lorentzen – 2010

Facing Changes (co-producer) Dir. Mika Koskinen –  2008

Line Producer:

Defamation (feature doc) Dir: Yoav Shamir  – 2009

The Devilles (1 hour doc) Dir: Nicole Horanyi Nielsen – 2009

Danish Dynamite (feature doc) Dir. Mads Kamp Thulstrup – 2008

Lakshmi & Me (1 hour doc) Dir: Nishtha Jain – 2007

The Class (tv doc series) Dir: Ida Marie Darger – 2006 – 2008

The Ring – A film about Kasper Bech Holten (tv-doc) Dir: Judith Lansade – 2006

Clarity  (short doc) Dir: Ole Bendtzen – 2006