Gloomy Haven selected for pitch

Director Helene Moltke-leth and I will be pitching on thursday at the EDN Art documentary online pitching session.

Gloomy Haven is not your average art portrait, it is a music historical film that highlights the changes in political perspectives and landscapes in regards to discrimination found, both in the United States and in Denmark. It is a cultural journey from the year 1925 until today, surrounding the lives of legendary Jazz musician Sahib Shihab and his son Jamil GS, an internationally acclaimed music and fashion photographer. Seen through father and son, and each of their artistic expressions, the film shows the social transformations in the Danish as well as American society.

Sahib Shihab Cut (ruff). from Jamil GS on Vimeo.

JAMIL PHOTOS 90’S HIP HOP from Jamil GS on Vimeo.

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