I dare not say it out loud. But its seems like its true. It is true. Really. Its just hard to believe. A dream come true.

NINE ROCKS – the film about how Tor Nygår Kolding survived the tragedy at the Pearl Jam koncert 15 years ago

will premiere as a mark of remeberence and perhaps closure – on the day it happened : 30 june 2015.

We will transform the RISING scene of the festival to a cinema. We will commemorate those that passed, we will celebrate life.

This was Jonas T Bech’s dream. Sadly he chose to leave us before he could see it come true. I am so happy and proud that

I have been able to lift this – to do this. To create this little rock of rememberance in the world. We die, we live. We miss you.

To the Nine. To Jonas.

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