Producers Pitch @ Nordic Talents 2014

Ok, so I didn’t give this pitch yesterday at the Nordic Talents Producers Pitch, where the established producers gets to pitch their company to the graduates of the Nordic Film Schools, because I had signed up wrong. Oh well. This is what I would have said:

Dear Graduates,

My name is Nynne Selin Eidnes, and I am a Producer and owner of First lady Film. I focus on films for children and youth. I do all kinds of films, animation, documentaries, fiction and series. I always look for the fantastic element. The thing that makes me go, wow, I have not seen that before. Genre, style, format and budget, comes second.

I know the film schools teach you to strive for the theatrical feature film as the epiphany of all filmmaking. And yes, some of you will make theatrical features. But, the theatrical feature is fast becoming a genre of its own and unless the way you want to tell your story falls into that very specific format, you will have to find other ways. Art-house films for one, does not work theatrically any more. Art-house works on the digital platforms. But not in the 100 minute format. 20 minutes work, 40 minutes work, and the very long format of 6 to13 hours work. So in this new fabulous digital marked there are possibilities for everyone to find the format and the audience that fits exactly the story you want to tell.
So I encourage you to be bold, be brave, don’t be bound by the conventions of the older generations. We are the ones that right now have to define the future of filmmaking.
This is why I make films for children and youths. They are the future, they are digital natives, they don’t care about platforms or formats, they don’t care if it is web, cinema or tv. They care about characters and universes and stories that inspire and engage them. They understand art, they understand aesthetics and they want to learn and be entertained.

My latest film Growing Pains, an animated short film about a teenage boy who turns into a werewolf when he is horny, just won the National Grand Prix at Odense Film Festival last week and has its last public showing in Toronto tomorrow morning, and is now going on the Academy long list. I have an animated feature film that just got development from Creative Europe and I am working on two 6 episode series and one documentary.

So if you want to be a pioneer, an entrepreneur and you want to make films for the future, you should come and talk to me.

Thank you.

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