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Growing Pains on Buster Film Festival

If you thought that the Buster Film Festival was only for small kids, then think again.

We are happy to announce that Danish Audiences will have the chance to see some erotic wolf action on this years edition.

Lock up your daughter, or she may cry wolf!



Growing Pains (almost) selected for OFF

We are in the last days of compositing on Growing Pains, and have just submitted a Work In Progress to the Odense Film Festival, where we hope to hold our Danish Premiere – it also an Oscar Qualification festival, so lets hope we win.

But, first we have to get selected, but if you can see the link below, it looks like the selection jury is enjoying it!

NORDIC FACTORY in the editing room

All the films have been shot, and have begun the very fast paced editing process. We are showing the films to The Danish Film Institute and The Copenhagen Film Fund on wednesday and final cut is on friday, so they are working till their fingers bleed. Thankfully the directors are all very talented and have been well prepared, so as of now (knock on wood) everything is going smoothly. yay!

Cartoon Movie Coolness

Kim Hagen, Thomas Howalt and I have arrived at Cartoon and saw Esben Toft’s Beyond Beyond as the opening film. I was really looking forward to that as I missed it in Berlin.  Its gonna be a great couple of days.

Nordic factory Kick-Off

production meeting with all the directors and production managers of Nordic factory. The room is buzzing with creative energy and the Lady feels happy and content. Lets Make some Movies!


IMG_2555 IMG_2554

Building the dream

We are extremely happy to announce that we got selected to pitch at Cartoon Movie so now the fun begins.

We are working hard to getting the teaser trailer ready for Cartoon.

Please contact me if you are there and want to meet.




Tor Fruergaards graduation film VENUS has just snagged the nr 1. spot on  EKKO Shortlist.

EKKO Shortlist is a new Short Film Forum created by Danish Film Magazine EKKO and is right now the most influential place to have your short film shown. EKKO short list has the attention of The Danish Film Institute and all the major players in the Danish Film Industry.


Venus is written by  Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen with beautiful photography by Sturla Brandth Grøvlen.



Tor, Sissel and Sturla return to make our new film GROWING PAINS, so this could not be better.