why trust is the most important factor of film making

We are in the final days of our new edit of NINE ROCKS. People are waiting to see it. Many people.

Sales agents, tv-stations – postproduction people, musicians – everyone who will be a vital part of the finishing the film

are waiting to see the new cut.

The editors are working. I know this. They must be finished by next week if we are to make the deadline.

I trust them.

They showed me nothing, except a list of the scenes. And a promise: “We have the whole film here”.

Then they showed me the list.

On a brown paper bag, hastily written while they were sitting in a cafe across the street.

But I trust them. I know they will make the deadline, and I know it will be great.

A producer’s job is never dull, because you never know what you will be presented with. But work with people you trust and all

will be great at the end, right?


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