Minna’s life is turned upside down when her dad’s new fiancée, Helena, and her daughter Jenny move in. Her new stepsister, Jenny, turns out to be a mean terror and Minna is frustrated. She wants her gone!

One night Minna discovers a world behind her dreams, where dream builders create our dreams on theatre stages. Minna discovers that she can get back at Jenny by manipulating her dreams. But interfering with people’s dreams has dire consequences, and Minna goes too far, so Jenny ends up in a coma.

Everyone says it’s an accident, but Minna knows it’s her fault. Minna must enter the dream world one final time to face the living nightmare she has created, in order to save Jenny and her new family.

Minna learns that the only way to make your dreams to come true is to wake up!


“Many years ago I dreamt that I was able to break through the walls of my dreams and enter a world behind them. This is the main source of inspiration for “Minna & The Dreambuilders”. Thematically, the project is akin to films like “Coraline”, “Spirited Away” and “Inception”. It will be characterised by unreal, bizarre dream sequences which form a sharp contrast to Minna’s dull everyday life. The visual style of “Minna & the Dreambuilders” is envisioned as a fully CG animated feature film. It will have a stylish look that incorporates French graphic novel style mixed with traditional design elements, as seen in the Pixar movies. Our concept of the 1800s theatre world behind our dreams will spark interest in the audience not just for the film but also for the games and interactive graphic novels and electronic publications we plan to produce in parallel. The compelling characters and the enormity of the universe demand multiple stories and multiple platforms.”

Kim Hagen Jensen, Director

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